Alloveme is a digital version of a bouquet. It’s goal is to offer more personalized experience than any other e-card website.

Who new that making e-cards could be so much fun. Owner and founder Franjo Jurković became my dear friend, and now we work together on various projects in Croatian Association of Digital Artists – hudu.

Here are a few examples of e-cards I made. You can send them for free, and make someone happy with just a few clicks –
Because love is made for sharing.

I also designed Allove.Me mobile app for Android. All though I worked on mobile games before, this was my first mobile app on  Google Play.


“ grew naturally, without any specific plan in mind. Step by step, with every new task and every goal we wanted to achieve, new people were joining to our crew. First the team comprised just me, the florist, photographer and designer, than it grew by a programmer, a copywriter joined us, as well as drawing artists and our video producer, all of whom now create the foundation of Allove.Me. They all work as an outside force, and we pride ourselves in being very flexible in terms of working conditions. We take it easy and enjoy what we do, trying to make it better every day.”  – Franjo Jurković