Izbavitelj – The Rat Saviour

Made for 94th edition of the Croatian Playboy. The idea was to demonstrate, with one scene, how would a remake of my favorite Croatian movie look like. I choose retro horror film from 1976 IZBAVITELJ – The Rat Saviour


Plot summary: Humanoid species of rats has banded together to impersonate humans and supplant them unnoticed.

Directed by Croatian Krsto Papić, the film was, of course, actually made in the former Yugoslavia, the backdrop of Zagred being both romantically beautiful and exotically strange, the scuttling around the tiny streets evoking the ageless streets of Kinski’s Nosferatu. An intelligent mix of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, They Live and Society, the film is a masterclass of how genuine creepiness and dread can be achieved with a meager budget and some excellent casting.