CG Society – Mudbox challenge

You are challenge link to flaunt your Autodesk® Mudbox® skills by sculpting and painting the ultimate armed and dangerous character. Whether it be a cowboy with a six shooter, a pirate brandishing a cutlass, a damsel with dynamite, a giant killer bee with stinger missiles, or maybe your mom with a rolling pin. It does not have to be full of violence and gore, non-violent entries are encouraged (be different!), perhaps a clown with a cream pie, a lawyer with a writ, or the dreaded dentist with a drill. Get creative. Whoever, or whatever it is, the character must have some kind of threatening item, and posed in a way that suggests nobody should mess with them.



Final image for Mudbox challenge – Armed and dangerous. This is my first detailed character in Mudbox and first CG challenge. It was hard, fun and very useful experience.

I used Photoshop for concept sketch and Maya for base Mesh. After that Mudbox all the way. I taught of rendering final image with V-Ray, but hey, its a Mudbox challenge 🙂