Chemistry as Music

This video was created for an exhibition at Technical Museum Zagreb.
Exhibition name is Countless Faces of Periodic Table of Elements. Video shows how chemical elements and formulas would sound if played as music.

In the year 1865 The young English chemist John Newlands arranged chemical elements, in the table, so that each element could join one tone of musical scale. His classification is called the Law of Octaves.

This was a challenging project because not only did I have to animate, but compose music as well. I was given chemical formulas and John Newlands Law of Octaves witch shows what element corresponds to what note. For basic concept I used Garage Band, and Logic PRO for final composition. After intense research on the subject, the look of the video presented itself. Somewhere between Monty Pythons animation and science presentation.

This is an animatic video for a longer version. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to make it, but maybe in the future it will see the light of day.

ChemistryAsMusic - Poster