Undercover Agents

Mobile phone game created for NOKIA N-Gage by InstantCom from Zagreb.
Second place winner on NOKIA mobile game contest.


I was art director for this project, and had to gather a small team to help with creating CG graphics for the game. Two great artists, Vladimir Čajka and Neven Mihajlović Cetinjanin joined, and togeather we did a great job. Animating characters was fun because they had cool weapons, umbrella and a dust cleaner. So I imagined umbrella to be used in a fencing fighting stile, and dust cleaner as a whip.

The most challenging part of this project was Poly count. Each caracter had to be less than 400 triangles/polygons. That’s including weapons. I don’t think we could remove one more polygon without the characters collapsing, and becoming useless for animation.