Ayoosh and Yoosee is a 3D animated series produced by Loop Holdings LTD based in Dubai UAE, and developed in Zagreb Croatia. This time I worked on rigging, layout and animation. I was happy to work with a team of talented artists in a creative environment. Jadranka Soviček Krpan as animation team leader, Mladen Dizdar as director, and great animators Ludovica Di Benedetto and Miran Dilberović. In a few months we managed to create three episodes.
So, without further ado heres one of them for you 🙂

عيوش ويوسي / الحلقة الأولىاليوم هو عيد ميلاد عيوش! لكن ماذا سيحدث عندما تود الإحتفال بعيد مولدها كل يوم ؟!

Posted by ‎عيوش ويوسي‎ on Thursday, September 1, 2016